Creating a Customer Signoff Process

Create a simple process to record customer approval when a Job is finished

Ensuring the you have captured all relevant information when completing a Job is an important part of the Job Management process. In many cases details about the customer and the work completed need to be stored and easily retrieved later.

EziBusiness enables you to capture additional information about the customer and store their approval of any work completed. In this post we'll outline how to create a simple customer signoff process using Forms. If you've not used Forms before, be sure to check out the post on creating a new form.

1. Create Appropriate Actions

Creating and using Job Action codes are an important aspect of controlling the flow of Jobs through the management process. As a basic rule, you should have at least the following actions defined:

Pending - the job has been created in the system but has not yet been assigned to a technician

Assign - the job has been assigned to a technician and is ready to perform work

Completed - the technician has completed all required work for the job

 Job Action Codes required to create a simple process

2. Create a Customer Signoff Form

Some of the fields that you may want to capture when building you Customer Signoff Form are shown below. They could include before and after photos, the signature of the customer and any other relevant information.

Customer Signoff Form Fields to Capture

3. Link the Form to a Job Type

 Once your Customer Signoff form is created you can link the Form to a Job Type. Mark the form as Required and select the appropriate action, such as Assigned.

Assign a Customer Signoff form to a job type

4. Create a Job

Now that you have the Customer Signoff form associated to e Job Type, create a new Job based on the type. Initially the Job should be set to the Action of pending, as it is yet to be assigned to a technician.

 Set the Job Action to Pending

When you are ready to carry out the work, assign the job to a Technician and change the action to Assigned. At this stage, the Job will appear on the technicians Home Page when they log in. 

5. Completing the Job

When the technician has completed the work required for the job, they click on the Forms tab in the Job Details page and click on Customer Signoff to open the form.

 Customer Signoff Form

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