Recording your time on a job

Record the time you spend a each job to ensure that you are billing your customers correctly.

Accurately capturing the time you and your staff spend on each job is an important part of job management. EziBusiness now offers tools to record time on a job and to capture other information, such as if payment was received and what method of payment was used.

What is a Work Record?

Each time you attend site and carry out work for a Job, you create a Work record. Depending on your business, each Job may have numerous Work records, by different users. For example, sales staff may attend your customer site and provide a quote, while later, as technician may completed the required work.

Creating a new Work Record

To record the time spent on a job, follow these simple instructions;

  • Navigate to any Job record in EziBusiness
  • Click the Start Work button at the bottom of the screen
  • A new Work record will be created automatically recording the current date and time and your user name
  • A message will be displayed stating that you have created a new work record

Completing a Work Record

When you are ready to complete the current work record, either because you have finished the Job, or because you are finished for the day, follow these steps;

  • Open the Job you are want to finish
  • Click on the Work tab
  • Click on the Work record you want to complete
  • From the popup, enter any relevant details, such as the Payment Method used, the Payment Amount and any comments.
  • Click Complete to record the current date and time

More information about recording work.

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