Customer Service.

Customer relationship management is the key to the success of your business.

Provide better customer service

Since customers are so important to your business, it's no surprise then that Customers are are central module of EziBusiness on which all other modules rely and are linked.

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Find Information Fast

Use the Find button to locate the customer you require. The Find Customer screen contains a number of filters including Customer Name, Suburb, Status and Rating. You can use any combination of filters to refine your search results.

Store Multiple Addresses

When creating a new Customer, you create a default, or primary address to use whenever creating Jobs for this customer. In addition to this primary address, you can add additional addresses for the Customer using the Addresses tab.

View Complete Service History

Not only does EziBusiness make it easy to find and store information about your customers, but you can also view their complete history at the touch of a button. The Jobs Tab contains a list of jobs being carried out, or already carried out for this Customer.