Assigning Forms to Job Types

Automatically add Forms whenever a new Job is created by assigning the Form to a Job Type.

Once you have created a Form it can be assigned, or linked to one or more Job Types so that it will automatically added to any new Jobs you create in EziBusiness. To do this, select Job Types from the Settings menu and tap or press the link to the record you wish to associate with the Form.

On the Job Type Details form, tap or press the Forms tab to view a list of Forms already associated with this Job Type. Select the Form you want to associate from the drop-down-list. The Is-Required and Action fields can be used to ensure that the Form in completed correctly before the Job can be saved. In the illustration below, the Manual Handling Worksheet must be completed before the Job can be changed from the Assigned action.

Steps to link a Form to a Job Type

  1. Select Job Types from the Settings menu
  2. Click on an existing Job Type from the list
  3. Click on the tab labelled Forms
  4. Select the Form you wish to link from drop-down list
  5. Optionally choose to make completing the Form mandatory be checking the Is Required checkbox
  6. Optionally select the Action that will be used to check that the Form has been completed

 Job Type Details Forms Tab

Mandatory Forms

You can make choose to make completing a Form a requirement before jobs can be move to the next stage in the Actions workflow. For instance, you can make is mandatory to complete a Risk Assessment before a job can be started.

If a user attempts to update the Action stage of a job and the required Form has not been completed, a message will be displayed notifying them that they are unable to save until the Form has been completed.

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