Creating a new form

Replace paper forms, logs and registers by using the online form builder provided by EziBusiness.

How to create a new form

Sign into EziBusiness as an administrator and select the Forms option from the Settings menu. Tap or press New to create a new Form.

Enter a short name to identify the Form and a description. The description should contain information that will be needed by the users who will be completing the Form out in the field.

Once you have entered the required information, tap or press Save.

Edit and save general information about a Form

Adding Fields to a Form

Each Form is made up of a series of questions, known as Fields. Fields represent simple types of data, such as text, dates and numbers, but can also provide a pick-list of values to select from, such as True or False answers.

To add field to a Form, tap or press the Fields tab on the Form Details page. Enter a short name for the field that will appear as a label on the form and a longer description that will appear as help text. Select the data type, such as Text and provide the numeric order of the Field within the Form.

Edit and save fields that are displayed as part of a form

Field Types

Text: accepts alphanumeric input and is perfect for storing short answers and comments.

Number: accepts only numbers

Date: displays the date-picker for the user to select a valid date

Image: enables the user to upload an image file

Signature: provides a box in which a signature can be drawn

True/False: allows the user to choose either true or false

List of Values: displays a drop-down list of values from which to choose 

Using List of Values

When selecting the “List of Values” data type you are able to provide the users with a pre-defined set of values to choose from when answering a question. To add value to a ‘List of Values’ field, tap or press the highlighted Name of the field. Enter the Field Values to display in the list.

Add items to a list of values

Using Forms

After creating a Form, it can be manually added to any Job by clicking New on the Forms tab. Alternatively, Forms can be linked to a Job Type so that they are automatically added to any new Jobs.

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